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Latest Dodge Demon Teaser Hints At Acceleration

Dodge has released this latest teaser video for the Challenger Demon. One of the biggest problems with the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is that it doesn’t have the proper torque to handle its 707 horsepower. Let’s face it, if the torque matched the power, the Hellcat would at least have a chance of competing with Teslas on the drag strip.

In this video, we see some seriously twisted up tires. That means gobs of torque going toward nothing but helping the Demon go like a bat out of hell. They are set to be a set of 315/40-size Nitto NTO5R wheels that are barely legal for road use. While it could be to paint rubber strips on the pavement, that doesn’t help it go any faster. Instead, we’re thinking it’ll wring the life out of them like a real drag strip demon, signifying just how powerful the forces of thrust and adhesion will be.

We know it’ll have a wider body to accommodate wider tires, giving the Demon a contact patch that’s 15% wider than that of the Hellcat. We also know it’ll weight less, adding performance simply with the laws of physics. And then there’s the wider hood scoop, which hopefully, means more forcefully inducted power. We’ll keep you posted when we hear more. We’re looking forward to seeing how the Demon measures up to the Tesla’s 0-60 mph record.

Source: CarBuzz

Video Source: Dodge


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