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LEAKED: Order Form Reveals $114K Price Tag For Shelby FP350S

In December of last year, Ford happily displayed the new Mustang Shelby FP350S, the latest track-only and race-ready Mustang in its lineup. Back then, Ford Performance was quite generous with the details it released, but the automaker did leave the pricing, availability, and the exact production run to mystery. Well, that mystery is no longer, thanks to redditor sparkzcus who leaked an order sheet for the FP350S. The track car has an MSRP of $114,990, but we expect dealers to jack that up, considering only 50 of these will be made. Production kicks off in the third quarter of this year.

Other noteworthy goodies include a custom exhaust, an APR Performance adjustable carbon fiber rear wing, Sachs race coiler dampers and a burly Ford Performance-tuned 5.2-liter V8. Sure, spending over $100K on a Mustang you can’t take on the road sounds silly to most. But to aspiring professional racers, this purchase may seem like a sweet deal. New photos of the Mustang Shelby FP350S have yet to be released. For now, enjoy the images you’ve seen before, and stay tuned for updated shots.

Source: CarBuzz, Reddit

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