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The Lotus Evora: Pocket Sized but Punchy

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“It is the only car I’ve ever driven that is a killer attack dog and an old sofa.” This quirky but honest quote from Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson refers to the Lotus Evora. This mid-engine supercar may surprise you. By the looks of it, the Evora’s agility seems inevitable. What doesn’t make much sense however, is the location of the engine. Instead of finding the Evora’s V6 in the front, it’s toward the back of the car next to the rear door. This car is pretty economical: 30mpg and it’s “meaty without being deafening” (another quote from Clarkson). Watch the Top Gear video below to see exactly what Clarkson was talking about. Enjoy.

Source: TopGear

Image Source: TopGear

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