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New Challenges & New Solutions: The WW2 Military Jeep

ww2-jeep (1)

Today we remember the countless Americans who have lost their lives in military service. Memorial Day is a great reminder of the feats our military face to ensure our freedom at home – and for that, we are forever grateful.

Service men and women have been reliant on advanced weaponry and vehicles for years. The World War II Military Jeep was one of them. The Jeep originated in 1941 as a result of the military’s need for a lightweight utility vehicle. The final product turned out to be a decisive weapon of WW2. This iconic military vehicle was used for a number of things:

–       troop transport

–       weapons platforms

–       ambulances

–       command cars

–       reconnaissance

–       pulling supply trailers

Many say that the word Jeep came from the initials GP, short for General Purpose. Word of the Jeep’s outstanding World War II performance spread quickly. To accommodate demand, Jeep designed civilian versions of the military vehicle that were wildly popular. In this clip, Jeeps roll off the assembly line into the ranks. Happy Memorial Day.

Source: YouTube, The Jeep Blog
Image Source: AutoBlog

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