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Mustang Dominates Muscle Car Sales in 2018, Again..

Well, the sales figures are in for 2018, and to no ones surprise, the Ford Mustang comes out on top. The runner up is the Dodge Challenger, and behind the Challenger is the Camaro. Ford sold a total of 75,842 Mustangs in 2018. Technically, this represents a 7.4% decrease in sales from the previous year, but the blue oval still came out first in the muscle car wars.

The Dodge Challenger claims second place, and the brand has a reason to celebrate as they are the only company that saw an increase in muscle car sales in 2018. Challenger sales increased by 3% with a total of 66,716 cars sold. And finally, the last place spot goes to the Chevrolet Camaro. 50,693 cars were sold last year, which is a 25% decrease from the previous year. Oof. Despite its chassis and 3 different engine options, the Camaro falls behind in the ever lasting muscle car race. Only time will tell how (and if,) the numbers will shift in 2019. We shall see…

Source: Motor Authority


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