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The New Buick Regal Resembles A Mazda, And We Don’t Hate It

Let’s talk about the new Buick Regal, the undisguised Opel Insignia. What we also need to address is the fact that it looks a lot like a Mazda. We can tell especially in the grille and headlights, and in fact, if you look at a photo of the vehicle with tape covering the badge in the middle on the grille, you might mistake this car for a new Mazda6. Good news is, Mazdas look pretty sharp these days, so we’re not complaining.


Spend some time looking at the rest of the car, and you’ll notice there’s a fair amount of originality. The lines and details are all fresh, and there seems to be some design elements pulled from Buick’s beautiful Avista concept. A sweeping roofline creates a coupe-ish profile with an abbreviated rear deck. We’d say this look is a big improvement from the somewhat bulbous current-generation Regal, which also started out as an Insignia.


Source and Image Source : AutoBlog

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  1. Anonymous

    So why not just buy a Mazda 6. Its more reliable than Buick. Nothing is said about its specs so I can’t tell anything about its performance or fuel economy. Then there is the obvious question, is it made in China as GM is now moving many of its products to the land of cheap labor.

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