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Replicated Rides: The Revology Cars Mustang

Who wouldn’t want a 1966 Ford Mustang with all the bells and whistles available in cars today? We’d be first in line. You’re looking at a replica of a classic pony car courtesy of Revology Cars, based in Winter Park, Florida. Both convertible and fastback coupe bodystyles are available. Check out some of the specs:

– Dynacorn body shell

– 5.0-liter ‘Coyote’ V-8

– electronic-controlled transmission

– power-assisted rack and pinion steering

– LED headlights

– Bluetooth

Don’t let all the luxuries fool you, though. This Mustang replica looks so authentic you may even think it’s the real thing.

Source: Motor Authority

Video Source: Revology Cars LLC

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  1. Anonymous

    The charm of a 1966 Mustang, or other vintage vehicle, is in the the crank windows, the non-assisted steering, the manual tranny. If I want a modern car I can buy a 2017 Mustang.

    John Kuhn Bleimaier

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