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The ’67 Lotus Cortina

We have a classic for you today. An original collaboration between Ford and Lotus. While these companies aren’t exactly what you would guess for a project like this, the result is beautiful. This rare ride from 1967 is one of only 4,000 models that was put together by both Ford and Lotus. Ford donated the chassis and body to the project from its Cortina coupe, but the 1.6-liter twin-cam engine, the transmission, and suspension are all thanks to Lotus.

Sure, the engine doesn’t sound very impressive right off the bat. But this oldie-but-goodie makes the most of its 110 horsepower, (not to mention the car weighs next-to-nothing, so that helps..) The Lotus Cortina Mk2 was built as a touring/rally car, and was meant to be cheap and easy to tune so that racing teams could do their worst, without breaking the bank. Check it out:

Source: Carbuzz , The Smoking Tire

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you. This type of item is the essence of “Car Ancestry.” Back in the day, my father purchased and imported a 1964 VW 1500S (notch back), a model sold only in Europe. That “sports sedan” was in the same class as the Lotus Cortina and also susceptible of aggressive tuning. With its rear mounted, air-cooled, dual carb, flat 4, Car & Driver speculated that it was a 4 seater Porsche. Those were the days. Sporting driving did not require 500 hp mated to a slush box.
    John K.B.

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