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The BAC Mono: No Passenger Needed


In the BAC Mono, it’s just you and the road. Briggs Automotive Company has given drivers a lightweight sports car fit for one and best of all – it’s street legal. Shown above, the Mono has the bodywork of a science fiction fantasy car. With looks like that, some may wonder if it performs. The answer is yes. This machine is equipped with an F3-spec gearbox, bespoke tires, and a Cosworth competition engine. All that power seems synonymous with a bumpy ride but the suspension system won’t let you down. The Mono’s “No Passenger Needed” campaign just may be a glimpse into the future.

Want to see more Mono? Take a ride through Temecula California with owner Shinoo Mapleton courtesy of Roads & Rides:

In this video, Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson really experiences the BAC Mono:

Sources: www.YouTube.com/Roads&Rides, YouTube

Image Source: Road & Track 

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