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The Speedback GT: Drawing From the Past and Embracing the Future


This is the David Brown Automotive Speedback GT, a retro re-body of the Jaguar XKR. If you’ve yet to hear his name, David Brown is a successful British businessman and car enthusiast who has created an automotive brand of his own. It all started with Brown’s personal vision of what the British sports car should be, and now he’s delivering it to the world. Brown and his team of key industry talent used hints of Jaguar, Ferrari and Maserati design to achieve a classic status. Special attention to detail makes this car impressive from inside out. The Speedback has a supercharged, 5.0-litre Jag V8 that produces 507bhp and 461lb ft. of torque. At 62mph in 4.8 seconds, Brown has perfectly combined class and capability with the Speedback GT.


Watch the video below and see why the Speedback GT is the culmination of greatness.

Source: www.YouTube.com/fGearTV

Image Sources: www.TopGear.com

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