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Start Your Collection With The Citroën DS


Are wagons the next collector cars? Draw your own conclusion after taking a look at the Citroën DS. Pictured above, the DS Station Wagon (aka “Derivation Special”) was a futuristic design manufactured from 1955 to 1975. In addition to the station wagon, convertible and sedan DS versions were also sold. The sedan’s body/chassis featured fully detachable skin panels allowing it to take “skeleton” form.


The DS also introduced Citroën’s unique hydraulic all-independent system. A low-drag body allowed the wheels to be a greater width apart, resulting in a spacious interior. Some models used a four-cylinder engine while later versions used a more modern design. Years of DS production make parts easier to come by today: that being said, the Citroën DS is a distinctive collectable.

Image Sources: Flickriver, Citroen DS | Hemmings Daily

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