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Then and Now: The Porsche Targa


Back in 1967, the Targa was the product of compromise. Porsche feared that the US would ban convertibles due to rollover concerns so they created this 911 with some structural rigidity. Instead of a roof, the Targa was produced with a roll hoop for torsional strength. The back window unzipped for a convertible feel. This car was low-production and is still high-demand. Porsche fans coveting this rare ‘60s Targa may just have to settle for the 2014 model. Combine original design elements with modern power and you get the Porsche Targa 4:


Source: Hemmings, Porsche

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  1. Anonymous

    The critical advantages of the classic 911 were: air cooled engine; no power assists for steering & brakes; crank wind-up windows; no climate control (except for the roof); no power sapping options: no heated seats; superb handling which required a thorough understanding of polar moment of inertia; a 5 speed gearbox with 3 pedals on the floor; a flat floor in the cockpit giving a sense of airiness and the ability splay ones knees. No wonder the old classic 911s command substantial prices on the collector car market.

    John Kuhn Bleimaier

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