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A Muscle Car All-Star: The 1970 Buick GSX


The Buick GSX was a champion among 1970s muscle cars. It’s got the looks, sound and performance to rise to the top and stay there. Regardless of your color choice (“Apollo White” vs. “Saturn Yellow”) this Buick came with bold black stripes on the hood. Check out what else this car came equipped with:

– Hood-mounted tachometer

– Hurst-shifted four-speed

– Polyglas G60xl5s on seven-inch-wide wheels

– Front discs

– Heavy-duty suspension

Buick officially quoted the GSX to be 360hp at 2,4000rpm though other tests proposed 400hp or more. Whatever the exact numbers may be the Buick GSX is a powerhouse.



Source: Jalopnik

Image Source: RideTech

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