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Volvo P1800: Built for a Spy


Before introducing the P1800 to the world, Volvo took its time. When the company began building cars in 1927 the products were sensible. Volvo practicality will always be appreciated but sometimes the market calls for something more. In 1961, Volvo introduced a complete surprise: the P1800 sports car. A stylized C-panel script gave a new look that set this Volvo apart from its successors. The P1800 made an impression while staying true to the Volvo name.

This car is best recognized for its role in the UK mystery spy thriller “The Saint.” Watch here as XCAR reviews the Volvo spy car:

This clip features the P1800 in an episode of “The Saint.” Enjoy.

Sources: www.YouTube.com/XCAR, www.YouTube.com/VolvoTips

Image Source: Flickr

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