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The World’s First Muscle Car: The Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO is widely regarded as the first muscle car: a very popular choice for American drivers in the ‘60s. Plenty of marketing came along with the GTO. From a national hit record (titled GTO) to GTO “driving shoes” and men’s “GTO cologne,” the GTO became a household name. The 1969 GTO incarnation called “The Judge” was full of power and came in bold colors. Standard was the 366-bhp Ram Air III evolution of the GTO’s 400-cid V-8. This Pontiac had a three-speed manual with Hurst T-handle shifter with regular GTO suspension and wide-tread Polyglas G70x14s. The GTO ignited the muscle car era – and for that we thank you, Pontiac.

The video below shows the simple pleasure that comes standard with a Pontiac GTO: burning out. Enjoy.

Source: Vimeo

Image Source: Fotki

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