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This Dealership Is Selling Street Legal Mustang Drag Racers for $60K

Lebanon Ford dealer in Ohio is known for their modified and powerful Mustang selection. For decent prices, customers can drive away in one hell of a muscle car. Just to give you an idea, it offers the 727-hp Mustang for $40,000, as well as the twin-turbo, 1,200-hp Mustang for $45,000. Up next, the LFP 10, a $59,995 Mustang GT.

This beast is capable of running consistent mid-10 second quarter mile times. Pretty solid. The dealer says it packs up to 700 wheel hp (850 crank hp) on 93 octane fuel. The LFP 10 is also equipped with the following:

-A Stage 2 Roush Supercharger

-New fuel injectors

-High flow air filter

-Crank Shaft

-Timing gears

-A larger oil pump

-Increased cooling capacity

See for yourself and tell us if you would give in to this bang-for-your-buck temptation.

Source: CarBuzz

Video Source: Lebanon Ford

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