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Jay Leno Takes A 1978 Chevrolet Nova Cop Car For A Spin

Riding in a cop car most likely means you’re in for a bad day. On the other hand, driving a cop car sounds like a blast. Make it a classic cop car and well, even better. Lieutenant Bob Killeen from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Bill Sanders stop by Jay Leno’s Garage to show off the department’s new 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility and the classic 1978 Chevrolet Nova 9C1.

The 1978 Nova is fitted with the 9C1 Police Package. That means it gets a four-barrel carburetor for its 350 cubic-inch V-8 engine, power steering, a turbo-hydramatic automatic transmission, police-spec tires, and a heavy duty front seat. These are just just a few goodies off the options list for this cop cruiser. Watch the episode below for more..

Source: Motor Authority

Video Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

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