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The Plymouth That Stands Out: Road Runner Superbird


The Plymouth Road Runner Superbird was created for one purpose: to conquer NASCAR. Namely NASCAR champion Richard Petty. Chrysler designed this aerodynamic wonder in hopes of luring Petty away from Ford. This unique muscle car sports a pointy beak and a rear spoiler that sits several feet above the rear deck. Think this was enough to get Petty behind the wheel? By 1971, NASCAR had changed the rules to limit horsepower to cars with big wings. This was a big swing and a miss for Chrysler but hey, at least they tried. Believe it or not, this quirky looking car is a pretty valuable one. At the Barrett-Jackson 2014 Auction, the 1970 Superbird (shown below) was sold for $500,000 – a big step up from its original $5,503 price tag.



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