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The Zonda’s Successor: Introducing the Pagani Huayra


When creating his latest model, Horacio Pagani aimed for a new breed of car. The Huayra is inspired by flight, air and wind. Taking note from Leonardo Da Vinci, Pagani has made the intangible something concrete. After 5 years of research, the Huayra was ready to be produced. Every major detail of this supercar is manufactured in a different part of Italy. The “Huayra” nametag is crafted from a solid block of aluminum taking 24 hours to perfect. From the leather interior right down to the exhausts, every inch of this car is cutting edge.

This supercar is something you have to see to believe. Learn more about the Huayra with Top Gear’s Richard Hammond in the video below. Enjoy.

Source: YouTube.com/TopGear

Image Source: Gmotors.co.uk

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